Underground legend Boyd Rice pays us a visit to talk about his new book, The Last Testament of Anton LaVey, Satanism in the 60s vs today, Collectivism vs. Individualism, Cat’s vs. Dogs, the Secrets of Rene Le Chateau and how Fox blew a major opportunity, having fun in Russia and the mystery of Lenin’s Tomb, The Partridge Family Temple, Throbbing Gristle, Wall of Voodoo, etc., etc. All photos used with permission.

Boyd Rice 59:20 on Tracy Twyman

     “Me and this [base, as the mind of the speaker] girl, wrote a whole book about this one time, and I wrote 10 of chapters and she 3 of the chapters and we had a deal with Redwheel/Weiser, and because of her being an [devoid, as the moral character of the speaker] this thing was never printed, and had it been printed, I would had probably been you know a wealthy man now, but had it been printed, I would had still been answering questions about Rennes le Chateau, you know 20 years later, so it is probably good it wasn’t printed and be the best seller, so that will allow me some to have a kind of normal way of life”.  October 2019 on Paul Fredric’s Daimonosophy #62 A Conversation with Boyd Rice