Grimoire of Pope Honorius III
Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

Peter Levenda
A Book that is Stolen from Tracy Twyman 2006
"The Cave of Treasures":  Discoveries at "Rennes-le-Chateau"


Papal Magic Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church

Section II: Grimoire of Pope Honorius III 97

Foreword 99

The Evocation of the Spirits of

the Seven Days 111

Collection of the Rarest Secrets of

the Magical Art 126

Magic Secrets and Counter-Charms 154

Appendix: The Tables of the Planetary

Hours According to Agrippa 183

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Grimoire of Pope Honorius III

With a collection of the greatest secrets of the magical art

And practices

Against evil spells

Rome, 1670


Having summoned magicians from every corner of the world, Honorius the Great asked them to come to Rome, in safety, which could not be done without great difficulty, as much for the insecurity of the roads as for the wickedness of the spirits. They were, in effect, attacked by rains and horrible snows in the countryside before they could arrive in Rome, where they met, all together in that place.

One of these was Hierosme Adam, who came from the Duchy of Milan, where he lived in a thick forest. After the conjuration of the Book of Conjurations, he himself, in Rome, performed this operation of conversing with spirits.


This must be done immediately after the consecration of the Bread and Wine1.

One says the following words:

I conjure you, O Book, that you be profitable to those who use you in all their affairs + I conjure you, by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, that is contained in the chalice, that you be good to them who read you.

It is necessary to conjure and exorcise the present Book in the above fashion three times in honor of the Very Holy Trinity, after finishing



For every evocation of a spirit, you must be enclosed within a circle. Say the following formula:

I make the circle to control and restrain the Evil One, in the name of the Father +, and the Son +, and the Holy Spirit +, so that it will be impossible for him to penetrate the circle, so that he will be unable to harm anyone whatsoever.


Evidently by the priest celebrating Mass.


Fig. 1

This circle and those that follow are to be traced on the ground with charcoal of the willow tree or, barring that, with chalk.

The names of the hours and the Angels that preside over them will be found in the Ritual of High Magic by H. C. Agrippa.[2] GENERAL CONJURATION OF THE SPIRITS

In the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit. Rise, spirits by the virtue and strength of your King, by the seven crowns of your Kings, and by the chains with which all the Spirits of Hell are constrained.

You are compelled, N. [indicate the name of the Spirit desired], to come before me, outside the circle, to answer my questions, to make and to accomplish all that I will ask of you according to the power that has been given to me.4 Come now, Spirits, from the East and the West, to make N. come before me. Spirits, I conjure you and command you by the virtue and power of He who is in Three Persons co-eternal and co-equal, who is God invisible and consubstantial, who has created heaven and earth and all things that are in them by a single Word.

After this general conjuration make the four following conjurations, which are: the first to the King of the East, the second to the King of the West, the third to the King of the South, the fourth to the King of the North.


O Maimon, very powerful King of the East, I call you and invoke you to this holy work that I do. I conjure you by the power of all the names of Divinity and, by virtue of the Most High, I command you to send me promptly and without delay N. to answer to all that I may ask of him or to come yourself to satisfy my will. If you do


Supposedly, by the fact of his ordination.

not do this promptly I will constrain you by the virtue and the power of God. I will force you to come and respond to all that I wish of you.


O King Amaymon, very victorious, who reigns at Noon, I call you and invoke you by all the holy names of God. Come with all your power and hasten to send me N. before the circle, else I constrain you by the virtue and the power of the Divine Majesty, by the virtue of the Most Holy and Most Supreme. Quickly satisfy my will and cause no trouble, or come yourself to respond favorably to all that I ask.


O King Paymon, most strong, who reigns over and dominates the Western Lands, I call you by all the names of the Divinity and I conjure you to send me N. promptly before the circle that it will answer to all that I shall demand. If you do not do this, I will torment you with the sword of divine fire and increase your sufferings.


O Egin, King and Emperor of the Northern Parts, I call and invoke you, I exorcise and conjure you, by the strength of the Creator and by the virtue of all virtues. I wish that you are not late to send to me, in fair and human form,

N. . . .

Having called twice, you will then say:

Come, give the honor that you must to the true and living God, your Creator, in the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit +. Come now and be obedient before the circle, without danger to me either of body or of spirit. Come in human and fair form and, no less terrible, by all the divine names I adjure you, that you are summoned to come here immediately. Thesiel Barachiel, if you do not come promptly Bolcades suspensus vis ava achare pergalium gaspar, conaootum enim siribam toitee N. . . . I exorcise you +. In invoking you, I command you by the power of the one Living God +, the one True God + and by the power of the Holy Spirit +, thus by the virtue of He who spoke and all things were created: heaven, earth, the sea, the deeps, and all that are in them; I adjure you by the Father + by the Son + by the Holy Spirit + and by the Holy Trinity and by the God that none may resist, to whose empire I will make you yield. I conjure you by God the Father + by God the Son + by God the Holy Spirit +, by the mother of Jesus Christ, eternal virgin, by her holiness, by her purity, by her virginity, by her fertility, by her childbirth, by her virginal loins and by her holy breasts, by her holy entrails, by the most holy milk with which the son of the eternal Father was nourished, by her holy soul and by all the precious members of that virgin and by all her sorrows, passions, afflictions, labors and resentments that she suffered during which her dear Son cried, during the time of the sorrowful passion on the tree of the cross and by all the holy, sacred things that are offered, as much in heaven as on earth, in the honor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the most blessed Virgin Mary, his mother, and by all that has been celebrated in the Church in honor of God, finally by all the holy Masses and by the mysteries and signs of the Cross.


The conjurations having been said, if the requested spirit appears, you must make him sign this Book with the promise to return every time you call him. Then, giving him some gift, you will send him away, saying:

Depart in peace, without harm to anyone, and be always prepared, each day and each hour, for whenever I shall summon you.

Then, it is necessary to recite the Gospel of St. John, from the beginning.

If the Spirits are rebellious and do not appear, it is necessary to perform the following exorcism.


We, made in the image and likeness of God, endowed with the strength of God and made by His will, we exorcise you N. by the all-powerful, most strong and admirable name of God El and we command you by He who spoke and it was done, and by all the names of God, by the names Adonay, El, Elohim, Elohe, Zebaoth, Elion, Escherie, Iah, Tetragrammaton, Saday, Lord God Most High. We command you with all power to appear before us immediately outside this circle, in a fair form, that is to say human and without deformity or defect. Come, then, because we command you by the name Y and V that Adam heard and spoke, and by the name of God AGLA that Jacob heard the angel speak with whom he struggled and by which he was delivered from the hand of his brother Esau, and by the name Anephexeton that Aaron heard and which he spoke and was made wise, and by the name Zebaoth that Moses spoke and at which immediately all the rivers and swamps of Egypt were turned to blood, by the name Eserchie Oreston that Moses spoke and which made all the rivers disgorge the frogs that invaded the houses of the Egyptians, destroying everything, and by the name Elion that Moses spoke and which made hail fall such as has never been seen since the beginning of the world, and by the name Adonay that Moses pronounced and which produced that enormous quantity of locusts that appeared in Egypt and which devoured that which the hail had not destroyed, and by the name Iehemes, Amathia that Joshua called that stopped the sun, and by the name Alpha and Omega that Daniel spoke by which he destroyed Bel and killed the Dragon, and by the name Emmanuel that the three children, Sidrach, Misach and Abdenago sang in the fiery furnace and by which they were delivered, and by Agios and the throne of Adonay, and by Otheos Ischiros Athanatos Paracletus and by these three secret names: Agla, On, Tetragrammaton, I conjure you and call you to witness, and by all the names, and by all the other names of Our all powerful, true and living Lord God, you who by your sins have been cast out, thrown into the inferno, we exorcise you and strongly command you by He who spoke and all was created, to whom all creatures obey. And by the terrible judgments of God who is to be feared. And by His sea which is an element on which no one can rely, transparent like glass, which is in the presence of the divine majesty ready to rise up according to the power that God will give it. And the four animals T who are on the steps of the throne of the divine majesty, who have eyes before and behind. And by the fire that encircles His throne. And by the Holy Angels of the places T. And by that which is called the Church of the Most Powerful God.

We summon you, with all the power of our will, to appear to us before this circle and to obey all that pleases us, by the throne of Balbachia and by the name Primeumaton that Moses pronounced and which sent to the depths of the abyss Datan, Core and Abiron. And in virtue of the name Primeumaton all the heavenly army is compelled. We curse you, deprive you of all offices and functions and all the pleasures that you may have.

We relegate you to the eternal fire and in the pool of fire and sulphur, to the deepest abyss and to the last day of judgment, if you do not appear before us, on the field, before the Circle in order to do our will in every thing.

Come by these names: Adonay, Zebaoth, Adonay, Amioram. Come, Adonay. Saday commands you, he, the King of Kings, the most powerful, the most fearful, from which no creature may escape his forces and his strength.

If you persist in your extreme obstinacy and if you do not appear on the field before the Circle, friendly and courteous, you will not be able to withstand the miserable and lamentable ruin and a fire that will never be extinguished.

Come, now, in the name of Adonay, Zebaoth, Adonay, Amioram. Come, come by Adonay, Saday, the King of Kings, Et Aty, Tilep, Azia, Hyn, Jen, Minosel, Achadan, Vay, Vaa, Eye, Haa, Eye, Exe a, El, El, El, a Hy, Hau, Hau, Hau, Va, Va, Va, Va.


One must have the Pentacle of Solomon, ready to show the Spirits as soon as they appear.

Say the following words:

Do not be in the least obstinate to my wishes. Be welcome, noble kings and generous princes, to provide as much as I have forced you by the virtue and strength of Him in the name of whom every knee bends, who reigns over every kingdom, who does not allow any creature to resist his strength and virtue.

I force you to remain fast and stable, and not to leave until you have accomplished my will in every respect.

I force you anew, by the virtue of He who set the limits of the sea that has never exceeded and which, subject to this law, has never dared to oppose the divine Will. This is the strength of the Most High God, King and Lord, who has cre-

ated all things. Amen, in the name of the Father +, and of the Son +, and of the Holy Spirit +.

Return, now, to your domains and let there be peace between us. Such is my decision.

Then show the Pentacle of Solomon, saying these words:

Be ready to come and to appear every time I shall call you.


This pentacle is made of virgin parchment. It is consecrated with the Host. It is the verdict and the condemnation of the Spirits. It serves when they are rebellious and do not wish to reveal the truth of any message. It serves, also, to send them back; one shows it while saying the words: Here is your judgment.



Fig. 2

Circles and Conjurations for Each Day of the Week to Various Spirits


This experiment is performed at night on Monday from 11:00 p.m. to midnight and from 3:00 to 4:00 a.m.

The Circle is traced on the earth with charcoal of blessed willow, or with coals, with the words that appear about it. It is necessary to have a mouse to give it [the spirit].

The operator must have a stole and holy water.5 The conjuration is pronounced in an energetic tone, as would a master address a servant, ready to utter every kind of menace. Before beginning any conjuration, one must take great care in making the Circle and censing it.

The preparations having been observed, the following conjuration is pronounced:

I conjure you, Lucifer, by the living God +, by the true God +, by the Holy God +, by the God who spoke and everything was created.

I conjure you by the ineffable names of God: Alpha and Omega, El, Eloy, Elion, Ya, Saday, Lux, Omogie Rex Salus o Adonay, Emmanuel, Messias.

I adjure you, exorcise and conjure you by the names here declared, by the letters YVEL and by the names Geary, Iol, Iel, Agla, Eizazeris, Oris-


Once again, this is obviously directed towards a priest.

ton, Arphetice iphaton, Gesmon yegeron, Isilion, Agiron, Egia, Sperato, Smagon, Anol, Genaton, Sothee, Tetragrammaton, Puermaton, Tionem pengaron, Yraras, Yaras, Ton tolaton on chiros iron voy pheron, Simulaton penta rinum masone.

And by the ineffable names of God Gabin, Gauldanum, in godon, o bei Englabas that you come or send to me N. . . . in fair human form, without harm or deformity, to reveal to me the precise truth concerning all that I shall ask you, without being able in any way of harming me either in body or soul.


Fig. 3


This experiment takes place at night, between nine and ten o’clock. To be raised in honor and dignity it is necessary to give the Spirit, once it appears, the first stone that you find. For other observations, one proceeds after the same fashion as for Monday.

Being prepared, say the following conjuration:

I conjure you Nambrot and command you by all the names by which you may be constrained and bound, and by the strength and virtue of the Pentacle of Solomon and by the Chaldaen and celestial conjurations of confusion and malediction.

If you do not obey my command and refuse to accomplish my desires your pain and torment will be increased, day by day.



Fig. 4


This experiment is to take place at night, from ten o’clock until eleven. To obtain the good graces of the kings, princes, and powers of the earth, it is necessary to give the Spirit a pile of gold. The Spirit will appear, then, in the appearance of a King.

The preparations being complete, say:

I conjure you, wicked spirit Astarot, by the words and by the all-powerful God and by Jesus Christ of Nazareth to whom all elements submit, who was conceived of the Virgin Mary by the agency of the Archangel Gabriel.

I exorcise you, anew, in the name of the Father +, and of the Son +, and of the Holy Spirit +, in the name of the glorious Trinity in honor of which all the archangels, thrones, dominions, powers, patriarchies, prophets, evangelists, sing without cease: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, who was, who is, and who is to come like a flame of burning fire; I conjure you, now, Astarot, that you obey my commands and not refuse to come. I command you by He who will come, aflame, to judge the living and the dead, to whom is the honor, praise and glory. Come, I say, give homage to the true God, to the living God and to all his creations. Do not fail to obey


me and render honor to the Holy Spirit, for it is in His name that I command you.



Fig. 5


This experiment is done at night as well, between three and four o’clock in the morning. The Spirit appears in the form of a King. It is necessary to give him a little bread if you wish him to speak. He makes man fortunate above all in the possession of treasures.

One says this conjuration:

I conjure you, Acham, by the image and likeness of Our Lord Jesus Christ who, by his death and passion, redeemed the human race.

I wish, by his providence, that you are here at once.

I command you by the Kingdom of God +

Agis + I adjure you and constrain you by his Name and by the name of Him who tread upon the viper and the basilisk, who crushed the lion and the dragon, I adjure you and constrain you that you obey me and execute all my commands. i ..




Fig. 6


This invocation is performed at night between eleven o’clock and midnight. One will hand over a walnut.


The preparations having been strenuously observed, the following conjuration is pronounced:

I conjure you Bechet and force you to come to me. I conjure you again by the most holy names of God: Eloy + Asinay + Eloy + Agla + Lamasabathani which are written in Hebrew, in Greek, in Latin, and by all the names stated in this book and by He who banished you from the heights of heaven.

I conjure and command you, by the virtue of the holy Eucharist of Jesus Christ that redeemed men from their sins that, without delay, you come without any injury to my body or soul, without harm to my book nor to anything which I have here before you, and that you fulfill all my commandments.


Fig. 7


This experiment is done at night between eleven o’clock and midnight. As soon as the Spirit appears, give him some grilled bread and ask of him what you will.

This is the text of the conjuration to force him to obey you:

I conjure you Nebirots, in the name of Satan and Beelzebub, in the name of Astarot and all the other Spirits, that you come before me. Come now, for I command you in the name of the most holy Trinity. I wish that you come without delay and without harm either to my body or to my soul, without damage to my books nor anything else I have with me. Again, I command you to appear without delay or to send me another spirit as powerful as you, who will accomplish equally all my commandments and who will submit to my will. He whom you will send, if you do not come yourself, must not leave without my permission before having fulfilled all that I will ask of him.


N eh-rots


Fig. 8


This experiment is to take place at night, between midnight and one o’clock. Once it appears, it will ask for one of your horses. Give him, instead, a hair of a deceitful animal, like a fox. It will be obliged to accept it. This is to discover hidden treasures and for whatever else you will desire.



Fig. 9

Conjuration to say:

I conjure you, Acquiot, by all the names that, promptly, you will come here ready to listen to me or send another Spirit who will bring me a stone, thanks to which I will not be seen by anyone while I carry it. I conjure you once more that you submit to all that I command you, without injury to my body or soul.

Come now, and obey me, as soon as you know the conditions under which I will deal with you, or send me another Spirit to execute my will precisely, and above all to enable me to discover a treasure that I may afterwards enjoy peacefully.

The following conjuration may be said any day, at any hour, day or night:



This conjuration enables one to discover treasures that have been hidden either by men or by spirits. It enables one to find them and to carry them off.

Here is the figure of the Circle that must be traced on the ground before the evocation. One stands in the center:

Fig. 10

This having been done precisely, pronounce the following conjuration:

I conjure you, Demons, that reside in this place, or in whatever part of the world that you may be according to the power that was given to you by God, and the Holy Angels, in the principality of the Abyss; I conjure all of you, both in general and in particular, by the power of God the Father +, by the wisdom of the Son +, by the virtue of the Holy Spirit +, and by the authority given to me by Our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified, son of the All-Powerful God, Creator of heaven and earth, Who created us, you and me, from nothing, as well as all creatures and Who, by His passion, saw to it that you no longer have the power to inhabit this place nor to keep the treasures.

I conjure, constrain, and command you, whether you will or no, without any trickery, to reveal to me where the treasures are that you have carried off and, by the same authority and by the merit of the most holy and blessed Virgin Mary and by that of all the Saints, I drive you out, accursed Spirits, and send you to the eternal fire prepared for you. If you are rebellious and disobedient, I strongly order the Devils to torment you.

Finally, by the holy names of God Hee + Lahie + Loyon + Hela + Sebaoth + Cheboin + Lodicha + Adonay + Jehova + Ysa + Tetragrammaton + Saday + Messias + Agios + Ischiros + Otheos + Athanatos + Sother + Emmanuel + Agla + Jesus + who is Alpha + and Omega +, the beginning and the end, that they shall subject you to extreme torment and chain you to the darkest and


deepest place on earth where there is unbearable pain justly meted out to punish you for your disobedience to my wishes. Finally, I pray Michael the Angel to send you to the darkest infernal abyss.

In the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit +. Amen.

Fig. 11[3]

Another conjuration:

I conjure you all, demons, to depart from here by my word and by everything that I’ve said before and to refrain from causing me fear, dread, terror or shock, nor to attack any creature of God, present or residing here.

I conjure you again to depart without considering the chains that hold you in that place and if any Spirits stop you the curse of God the Father +, the Son +, and the Holy Spirit +, and the indignation of the most Holy Trinity, of all the angels of all the celestial court will fall and descend upon you who are rebellious against God.

Now no Spirit is to be found here, by the Son of the All-Powerful God, the immeasurable Jesus Christ, Most High, who reigns forever and to the ages of ages, Amen.


It is necessary that the Master, who has the intention to use the Book of Evocations, have the strong assurance of success, that he banishes from himself any disbelief, that he performs the conjurations with a resolution such that, whatever fearful thing happens, he will not be shocked in the least.

He must also, above all, never leave the circle, whether the Spirits have appeared or not, without having first given them license to depart, because to do so is dangerous.

If he desires to be a wise magician, he will always stay on guard against the wiles of the Spirits.

He must never make an illicit pact with them.

Final recommendation: that he is always strongly in command, without fear or apprehension.





Take the brain of a cock, and some powder from the tomb of a man: specifically the dust that touches the coffin. Also have oil of almonds and virgin wax.

Blend these together and wrap the mixture in virgin parchment on which you will write these two words: Gomert Kailoeth, with the following characters:

Fig. 12

Burn everything.

You will see wonderful things.

Essential recommendation: this operation must not be done by the fearful.


To make them come to your chamber after supper.


You must remain three days without indulging in the secret vice, and thus your spirit will be elevated. The fourth day, in the morning, as soon as you are dressed, you must scrupulously clean and prepare your chamber, fasting all the while. This must be done in such a way that it will not be disturbed the rest of the day, and you must be certain that there is nothing hanging or hookedup, such as tapestries, clothing, hats, bird cages, bed curtains, etc. Above all, put white bedsheets on your bed.


After supper, retire secretly to your chamber, which has been prepared as specified above. Light a good fire, lay a white cloth on the table, arrange


three chairs around it, and by each seat place a wheat roll and a glass full of clear and fresh water, then put a chair or an armchair next to the bed.

This being observed, go to bed and speak the following words:


Besticitum consolatio veni ad me vertit Creon, Creon, Creon, cantor laudem omnipotentis et non commentur. Stat superior carta bient laudem omviestra principiem da montem et inimicos meos o prostantis vobis et mihi dantes quo passium fieri sin cisibilis.

The three persons having arrived, they will seat themselves before the fire, drink, eat, and then thank him or her who received them:

If it is a young lady who has performed the operation, there will come three gentlemen; if it is a man, there will appear three young ladies. These three persons, male or female, will cast lots among themselves to know which of them will remain with you. That whom the lots have chosen will sit in the chair that you have placed next to the bed and will hold conversation with you until midnight. At that hour, he or she will leave with his or her companions, without need of being dismissed. The two other Spirits will remain beside the fire during the time their companion entertains you.

All the while the Spirit is with you, you will be able to ask it anything about art, or science, or whatever else you wish. It will immediately give you a precise response. You may also ask of it if it knows of any hidden treasure. It will tell you the place and the time convenient to its removal, and will arrive there with his or her companions to defend you against the attentions of those infernal Spirits who may be in possession. Upon leaving you, it will give you a ring which, placed on your finger, will make you lucky at play.

If the said ring is placed on the finger of a young woman or girl, they will be yours at once.

Note: it is necessary to leave a window open, so that this person may enter. You may repeat the same operation as many times as you wish.


This operation, of a marvelous power, summons superior intelligences.

It is necessary to observe, from the first quarter to the waning of the moon, a very brilliant star between the hours of eleven o’clock and midnight. Before beginning the operation, take virgin parchment on which you will draw the following figure:


Fig. 13

At the inner circle, where it is marked N.N., write the name of him or her you wish to make come.

On the other side of the parchment, write these words: Machidael Barefchas. Then place the parchment on the ground, the names facedown, your right foot on top and your left knee on the ground. Having in your right hand a candle made of white wax that can last one hour, look at the very brilliant star and say the following formula:


I salute you, and conjure you, O beautiful Moon and beautiful star, as well as the shining light I have in my hand, by the breath that is in me, and by the earth that I touch. I conjure you, by all the names of the Spirit Princes who preside over you, by the ineffable name On, that created everything, by his beautiful angel Gabriel with the prince Mercury, Michael and Mekhidael. I conjure you again by all the names of God: that you will send to obsess, torment, and harass the body, spirit, soul and the five senses of N. whose name is written on the parchment so that she comes to me and carries out my will, that she has no friendship for anyone in the world, particularly for N. as long as she remains indifferent to me. She shall not endure. She will be obsessed, she will suffer and be tormented. Go, now, immediately Melchidael, Bareschas, Zazel, Tiriel, Malcha and all those who are under your command. I conjure you, by the great living God, to send her immediately to accomplish my will. Me, N., I promise to satisfy you.

Having said this conjuration three times, place the candle on the parchment and let it burn down. The next day, take the parchment and put it in your left shoe. Leave it there until the person for

whom you performed the operation comes to find you. It is necessary, in the conjuration, to specify the day you wish her to come, and she will not fail to do so.


On the eve of St. Peter’s Day, before the sun rises, pick the herb called Morsus Diaboli.[4] Place it on the altar stone for one day, then dry it, powder it, and carry it with you.

Fig. 14

Before you pick the herb, it is necessary to make, on parchment, the half-circle shown above, with the names Agla, Adonay, Jehova and all the crosses marked.


With a piece of coal, make on the fireplace the following characters and words and say three times the words: In Hoc Vincit Adonay.

Fig. 15


One begins this operation on a Wednesday, before sunrise, being furnished with seven black beans and a skull; place one bean in the mouth, two others in the nose, two others in the eyes, and two more in the ears: one then makes, on the skull, the two small pentacles that follow:

Fig. 16

Then, bury the skull facing the sky. During the nine following days, water the skull with an excellent brandy in the morning before sunrise.

The eighth day, you will find there a Spirit who will ask you: What are you doing? You will answer him: I’m watering my plant. He will say to you: Give me the bottle, I will water it myself.

You will answer him by saying you do not wish to. He will ask again; you will refuse him until, extending his hand, you will see hanging from his fingers a figure identical to the one you made on the head. You may now be assured that this is really the spirit of the head: because another would have taken you by surprise. In that case, you would have come to harm and your operation would be fruitless.

When you have given your phial to the invoked Spirit, he will water [the head] himself and you may depart.

The next day, which is the ninth day, you will return. You will find your beans ripe. Take them. Put one in your mouth, and then look at yourself in the mirror. If you do not see yourself, then all is well. Do the same with the rest. You may also test them in the mouth of a child. Those that do nothing must be buried with the skull.


Tear out a hair, with its root, from a mare in heat, the closest to its nature,8 saying, Dragne, Dragne, Dragne. Put the hair in a safe place; then go to buy, without haggling, a pot of new clay having a lid. Return home. Fill the pot with water from a spring, two fingers below the top; put the hair in it, cover the pot, place it somewhere neither you nor anyone else can see it, otherwise there is danger.

Nine days having been completed and at the same hour that you hid it, find the pot. You will see in its interior a small animal like a serpent. It will rise up. Say to it, at once, I accept the pact.

This done, put it into a new box that you bought, without haggling, for the purpose. Put in it wheat bran, nothing else, every day. It is not necessary to give him anything else. When you wish to obtain silver or gold, put one or the other in the box, as much as you would wish to have, and go to sleep in your bed, putting the box next to you. Sleep, if you wish, three or four hours. The time having passed, you will find double the quantity of silver or gold that you already had, but be sure to leave the original amount in the box.


The assumption is that this phrase means “close to its private parts.”

Note this: the first figure, in the form of a serpent, is only as strong as the charm; so, you should not put more than £100 at a time in the box. However, should your natal planet give you power over natural things, the serpent will present itself with a face approaching that of a human being. In that case, you may put up to £1,000 in the box each day and you will receive double.

Fig. 17

To undo the operation, give it to whom you wish, providing that he will accept it, putting the creature in the box with a cross, and on a line drawn on virgin parchment. Or, again, in place of the quantity of wheat that you usually give it, give it instead some of the flour over which a priest has said his first Mass and it will die. Above all, do not omit anything, for this affair is nothing to laugh at.


Leave your house, fasting; walk to your left until you encounter a merchant of ribbons; buy a white one; pay the sum that he asks, drop a penny in the shop, then return to your home by the same path.

The next day, do the same, until you have found a seller of feathers. Buy one that has been cut for writing. As soon as you have returned home write, with your own blood on the ribbon, the characters of the first line of the design here below. You will now have the right garter. The inscriptions of the second line are for the left garter.

Fig. 18

The third day, leave carrying your ribbon and your feather. Walk to the left, until you find a pastry shop or a baker; buy a cake or bread for two cents; proceed to the first cabaret you see, ask for a half-pint of wine, first making the same person rinse the glass three times, and break the cake or bread into three pieces; put the three pieces in the glass with the wine; remove the first piece and throw it under the table; without looking at it, saying “Irly”; then, take the second piece and throw it, saying “Terly.” On the other side of the garter write the name of these two spirits with your blood; throw the third piece, saying “Erly”; throw away the feather, drink the wine without eating, pay and leave. Being outside the town, put on your garters; pay close attention and do not err: do not put on your left the garter that is for your right; stamp your foot three times on the ground, saying the names of the Spirits Irly, Terly, Erly, then “Balthazard, Melchior, Gaspard, let’s go.” Make your trip.

The operation is finished.


Take holy water on Easter Day and some pure wheaten flour; make into a paste. Then, find someone who has died a violent death, a hanged man or someone executed; approach as close as you can and, without speaking, touch it with your paste and it will defend you against all sorts of weapons. Return home, make small balls of the paste; wrap them in white paper on which you have written the following: 1.u,n., 1..a.Fau, 1.Moot, et Dorhort. Amen. Swallow the balls.

In making the balls, it is necessary to recite five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys.

Note: the number of the balls is not determined. In addition, one may write the characters of the preceding secret on a piece of the virgin parchment, torn into as many pieces as there were balls. In the course of the conjuration, the patient must pronounce his baptismal name.


Take paper, make a hole in it, look through it in the direction of the rising sun, saying:

I conjure you, solar Spirit, on behalf of the great living God, that you will let me see N. [say the name of the person of whom you are thinking]; then, you will continue thus: Anima mea turbata est valde; sed tu Domine, usquequo.

Repeat the formula three times.


To force someone to come to you, pronounce the following incantation:

Firewood, burn the heart, the body, the soul, the blood, the spirit, the consciousness of N., by the fire, by the heavens, by the earth, by the rainbow, by Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Feppe, Feppe, Feppe, Elera, and in the name of all the Devils. Firewood, possess, burn the heart, the body, the soul, the blood, the spirit, the consciousness of N., until he comes to fulfill my desires and my wishes. Go in thunder and in ashes, go in tempest, Santos, Quisor, Carracos, Arne, Tourne. That he may not sleep, nor rest, nor do anything, nor eat, nor cross a river, mount a horse, nor speak to any man, woman or child until he comes to fulfill my desires and my wishes.


On virgin parchment write, with the blood of a bat, the characters of the following figure, then place the pentacle on the altar stone over

which a Mass will be said.9


Yet another indication this is for a priest, or for someone on very good terms with one.


Fig. 19

After which, when you wish to use it, place this occult design under the threshold of a door over which she must pass. As soon as she passes over it, you will see her enter in a fury, throwing off her clothes and becoming completely nude.

If you do not remove the design, she will dance unto death, making such grimaces and contortions that will arouse more pity than desire.


THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO KNOW, WHETHER OF THE PAST OR THE FUTURE You will use the following magical figure:




Fig. 20

The two N.N.’s that you see in the inner circle indicate the place where you inscribe your name.

To have knowledge of that which you desire, write on virgin parchment the words inscribed between the two circles, then say three times the following Oration:

Glorious name of the living God before whom all times and all things are present, I who am your servant N. [say your name], Eternal Father, pray you to send me the Angels whose names are written in the circle, that they may show me that which I am curious to know and learn, by Jesus Christ Our Lord. So be it.

The Oration finished, go to bed and place the pentacle under your right ear. Then, during the night, you will obtain in a dream that which you desire.


Go to a cemetery, remove some nails from an old coffin, saying: Nail, I take you so that you will serve me to turn away from me all evil actions, and to do evil to all persons that I wish, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When you wish to use it, find, in the earth, a footprint and trace on it the following characters:


Fig. 21

Fix the nail to the center of the inside triangle, saying the Pater Noster up to the phrase “In terra.” Hammer the nail with a rock, saying: Cause evil to N. until I remove you. Cover the spot with a little dust and remember it well, for one may not remove the evil that it causes except by removing the nail and saying: I remove you, so that the evil that you have caused to N. shall cease, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Remove the nail and erase the characters, not with the same hand as you used to make them, but with the other hand, else there will be danger to the operator.



This secret is designed to keep someone from sleeping at night and to make that person not rest at all until he speaks to you, even should he wish you a mortal evil and do it far from you.

The night during which you desire to perform this secret, be the last to go to sleep in the house. Before going to bed, prepare a fire in the hearth and watch especially for a stick of burning wood. Setting it against the fireplace, put the palm of your left hand on a spot on the fireplace that is dark and smoky, holding it there, alternately closed, then open, saying seven times the words:

Cinque furono li appicati, linque furono, li tana liata vi scongiro per Beelzebut che linque vi fate ache date a tormentar il cuore et la viscere [of N.] by my love. Amen

After having said these words seven times, thrust the stick deeply into the embers, and knock three times with your palm against the blackness of the fireplace. Cover your fire with ashes and go to sleep.

He or she, whom you have intended, will not be able to sleep. He or she will suffer until you have obtained satisfaction in your desires.


Take a handful of fine sand and conjure it thus:

Anachi Jehova, Hoelersa, Azarbel, rets caras sapor aye pora cacotamo lopidon ardagal margas poston eulia buget Kephar, solzeth Karne phaca ghedolos salesetata.

This sand, thus conjured, place in a box of ivory, mixing it with the skin of a serpent reduced to powder.

When you wish to realize the operation, take a pinch of powder and throw it into the air, again saying the conjuration. Then there will appear as many men as there are grains of sand. The operation must be made on the day and the hour when the Sun is in the sign of Virgo.


Say every morning:

I arise, in the name of Jesus Christ who was crucified for me. Jesus, I pray bless me; Jesus, I pray lead me; Jesus, I pray keep me well; Jesus, I pray direct and lead me well to eternal life. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

It is necessary to say this formula three times upon going to sleep and three times on awakening. On the blade of a sword one may write the words: Ibel, Ebel, Abel.


Remain chaste for three days, before which swallow a nutmeg. The fourth day, fasting, say to God: le torum cultin, cultorum, bultin, bultotum. Come to me, my companion.

It is necessary to swallow the nutmeg while saying: Come to me, etc. This done, when you go to the toilet you will not be obstructed by the nutmeg.[5] This secret is good for your whole life without being obliged to repeat it. One must only say the three last words while breathing through the nose or while embracing any of those of whom you wish to be loved.

TO MAKE A GUN MISFIRE Say the following words:

Abla, Got, Bata, Bata, Bleu.


Write the following on a glass:

Dis, Biz, On, Dabulh, Cherih.


Unintentionally humorous?


Three days in a row, swallow a piece of paper on which you have written:

Agla, Garnaze, Eglatus, Egla.


With the blood, write the word INRI on a piece of paper and then apply it to the forehead.

You may replace INRI with Consummatum est.



Buoni jacum, I have done nothing to you.


Recite five Our Fathers and five Ave Marias in honor of the five wounds of Our Lord. Then, say three times:

I take refuge in the gown of Our Lady; I am covered in the wounds of my God, of the four crowns of heaven: St. John Evangelist, St. Luke, St. Matthew, and St. Mark, that they may guard me; that neither man nor woman, nor lead, nor iron, nor steel, may hurt me, wound me, nor break me. To God, peace.

When the above has been said, it is necessary to murmur the following words: Est principio, est in principio, est in verbum, Deum et tu phantu. One will be safe for twenty-four hours.


Say the following words:

Great burning fire, on behalf of the great Living God, I conjure you to lose your heat, as did Judas when he betrayed Our Lord on Holy Friday. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Repeat the formula three times, indicating, at the end of the phrase, your wish in giving a kick or a blow.


One uses the following formula:

Fire, lose your heat, like Judas lost his color, when he betrayed Our Lord in the Garden of Olives.

Say this three times over the burn while blowing over it each time.


Say: Millant, Vah, Vitalot.

Then, three times: Pater.


I am in the Garden of Olives, I have met St. Elizabeth. She causes dysentery; the dysentery of N. [name the person intended] is stopped.

Say three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys, in honor of God and of St. John, kneeling before the sick person, making him lie down on his right side. Repeat three times for the sick person and three times for yourself. The sickness will be cured.


Under the table, plant a needle that has been used to enshroud a corpse and that entered into its flesh, then say:

Coridal, Nardac, Degon.


Say three times the following words, making over it the sign of the cross as indicated:

Anania + Anassia + Emisael + libera nos + Domine.


For this practice, it is necessary to have a new penknife, then, on Saturday, with the point, write on the outside of the bedroom or wherever the persons sleep: Consummatum est. This done, break the point of the penknife on the door frame.


Pick a clover of four or five leaves, making over it the sign of the cross, then say:

Clover or Club, I pick you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, by the virginity of the Holy Virgin, by the virginity of St. John the Baptist, by the virginity of St. John the Evangelist, that you serve to help me in every sort of game.

Say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys, then continue: El, Agios, Ischyros, Athanatos.


Say to it, while throwing a bit of paper: Stop, beauty, here is a pawn.

TO PREVENT A DOG FROM BITING AND BARKING Say three times, looking at the dog:

Barbaric arch, the heart splits, the tail hangs, the key of St. Peter becomes your maw until tomorrow.



St. Peter on the bridge of God is seated; Our Lady of Caly went there and said to him: Peter, what are you doing there? Lady, it is for the sickness of my head that I stay there. St. Peter, arise. To St. Ager you shall go. You will take the holy unguent of the mortal wounds of Our Lord; you will rub it on; you will say three times: Jesus Mary.

Make three times the sign of the cross over the head of the sick person.


Dice, I conjure you in the name of Assizer and of Rassize, that they come to sweep and clean up in the names of Assia and Longrio.


Blaise, martyr and servant of Jesus Christ, I command you that go up or go down.


Make three slips of paper carrying each one of the three names:

Gaspard, Melchior, Balthazard.


Write on virgin parchment the words and crosses that follow:

+ Ibel + Laber + Chabel + Habet + Rabel.

Carry it with you.


Swallow a pit of paper on which, written in your own blood, is the following:

Aglas, Aglanos, Algadenas, Imperiequeritis, tria pendent corpora ramis dis meus et gesias in medio et divina potestas dimeas clamator, sed jestas ad astra levatur.


Tel, Bel, Quel, Caro, Man, Aqua.



The secrets that follow are certainly infallible. Guidon, a practitioner in healing by occult means, uses them daily. He has effected, by their means, cures that have been proven beyond doubt. All the lands of Caux and Normandy are convinced: he performed his operations in public as in private. Guided by a charitable zeal, he healed, with the same courage, the indigent as well as the wealthy. By this way, he acquired the esteem and the protection of respectable men. He works without cease to destroy magical operations and regards with horror the authors of evil spells.


The ancient rituals are a great resource for him. He omits neither conjurations, exorcisms, gospels, nor prayers. He omits only the places where the dead are spoken of and substitutes there the signs of the Cross. Holy Water is used, the best is baptismal water, with which he makes aspersions in the form of a cross over the demoniac, with a branch of blessed box-wood. He signs, as well, the forehead of the bewitched one with a thumb dipped in the same water. During the ceremony his head is bare, as are those of his assistants and the bewitched. When he works with animals made insensible by magic, instead of the holy water he uses salt prepared in a way we will discuss. He continues his operation aided by the Orison of the Enchiridion of Pope Leo; then he takes the salt in a bowl he has exorcised together with blood drawn from the bewitched animals. He mixes them together, saying:

Beati tornitis omnes Joannes Baptizantes et agentes.

Returning to his home, he begins a novena containing the recitation of the Orison that is given in the Enchiridion of Pope Leo, during the following nine days of fasting.


Take a glass in which you have placed some salt, more or less according to the number of bewitched animals. Speak over it the following:

Herego gomet hune gueridans sesserant deliberant amei.

Go around the animals three times, starting from the side of the sunrise, and continue following the course of that star. When you pass in front of the animals, throw on each one a pinch of the salt. At the same time, recite the same words: Herego, etc.


HUMANS OR ANIMALS Say the following words:

Demon, leave the body of N. [say the name], by the commandment of the God that I adore, and make place for the Holy Spirit. I trace the sign of the holy cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ on your forehead. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I make the sign of the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ on your chest. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Eternal and All-Powerful God, Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, cast the eyes of your mercy on your servant N. that you have deigned to call to the side of faith, heal his heart of all kinds of elements and sicknesses, and break all its occult chains and ligatures. Open, Lord, the door of your glory by your bounty, finally having been marked with the seal of your Wisdom, he will be saved from the stench, the attacks, and the desires of the unclean spirit, and being filled with the sweet odor of your bounty and your grace he observes with joy your commandments in your Holy Church; and by advancing, day by day, towards perfection, he becomes worthy to have received the salutary remedy of his faults, by your Holy Baptism, by the merits of the same Jesus Christ Our Lord and God. Lord, we pray you to grant our prayers, to save and protect those whom you have redeemed with your charitable love at the price of your precious blood and by the virtue of your holy cross, that which has marked us. Jesus, protector of the poor afflicted, be propitious to the people you have saved, making us participants in the New Testament, so that its promise may be granted, to have received by your grace more than they could have hoped by you Jesus Christ Our Lord who is our refuge, who had made the heaven and the earth.

I exorcise you, creature, in the name of God, the All-Powerful Father, and by the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the virtue of the Holy Spirit; I exorcise you by the Great Living God, who is the true God that I adore, and by the God who created you, who has saved all the elect, who has commanded his servants to bless, for the benefit of those who believe in him, so that all become a salutary Sacrament to hunt the enemy. It is for this, Lord our God, that we pray you to sanctify this salt by your holy benediction, and make it a perfect remedy for those that receive it; that it rest in their entrails, so they may be incorruptible, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who judges the living and the dead, and by the seal of the God of Abraham, of the God of Isaac, of the God of Jacob, of the God who appeared to his servant Moses on Mount Sinai, of Israel and Egypt, giving them an Angel to protect and to lead them day and night.

I pray you also, Lord, to send your holy Angel to protect your servant N. [say his name] and to lead him to life eternal, by virtue of your holy Baptism.

I exorcise you, impure and rebellious Spirit, in the name of God the Father, of God the Son, of God the Holy Spirit. I command you to leave the body of N., I adjure you to leave in the name of He who extended his hand to St. Peter when he was about to sink in the water. Obey, cursed demon, your God and the sentence that has been pronounced against you, and give honor to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus Christ, only Son of the Father. Leave, ancient serpent, the body of N., because the great God commands you. Your pride is confounded and annihilated before the sign of the Holy Cross, that which we are signed by baptism and the grace of Jesus Christ. Think that the day of your punishment approaches and your extreme torments await; your judgment is irrevocable; the sentence condemns you and all your companions to eternal flames, for your rebellion against your Creator. This is why, cursed demon, I order you to leave, on behalf of the God that I adore; go by the Holy God, by the Living God, by He who spoke and all was done. Render honor to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit and to the Most Holy and Most Singular Trinity. I command you, foul Spirit, to leave the body of this creature N., created by God, the same God is Our Lord Jesus Christ. That he deems today, by his infinite bounty, to call you to the grace of sharing in his Holy Sacraments, that he instituted for the health of all the faithful, in the name of God, who judges the whole world by fire.

Here is the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. + Leave, adverse opponents, before the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, root of David.


Take the heart of one of the animals dead from occult acts. Be sure that there is no sign of life. Place it on a proper plate, then procure nine hawthorn thorns and proceed as follows. Stick one of the thorns in the heart, saying: Adibaga, Sabaoth, Adonay, contra ratout prisons prerunt fini unixio paracle gossum.

Next, take two other thorns and stick them in the heart, saying: Qui fussum mediator agros gaviol valax.

Take two others, and thrust them in, saying: Landa zazar valoi sator saluxio parade gossum.

Thrust two more thorns, saying: Mortus cum fine sunt et pert flagellationom Domini noseri Jesu Christi.

Finally, stick in the last two thorns with the following words: Avir sunt devant vous paracletur strator verbonum offisum fidando.

Then, say:

I call those who had made the Missal Abel.

Undo the evil you made, and come to us, by sea or by land, everywhere, without delay and without harm.

Then, pierce the heart with a nail at the final words.

Note that if hawthorn thorns cannot be procured, one may have recourse to nine nails.

The heart having been pierced, as we have indicated, put it in a small bag then hang it in a fireplace. The next day, remove the heart from the bag, put it on a plate, pull out the first thorn. Stick it in a different spot, saying the words that we designated above. Remove two others and, thrusting them again, say the appropriate words. Finally, pull out the others in the same order and reinsert them, as we have said, taking care that none of them are put into the same hole.

Renew this operation during the nine days that follow. Always, if you do not wish to release the malefactor, you must do your novena on the same day, and in the order prescribed in the last operation you must insert the thorns. A nail is thrust into the heart on speaking the words designated to that effect. Then light a large fire. Put the heart on a grill to roast it over the burning ember. The malefactor will come to ask for mercy, or, if it is beyond his power to come in the short time you have given him, you will cause him to die.


Put salt on a plate; then, having your back turned to the rising sun, the animals being before you, say, on your knees, bare-headed, that which follows if you are treating horses:

Salt that was made and formed in the castle of the beautiful Saint, beautiful Elizabeth, in the name Disolet, Soffee carrying salt, salt from salt, I conjure you in the name of Gloria, of Doriante and of Galianne her sister. Salt I conjure you that you help me to have my living horses; that here present before God and before me, healthy, clean, drinking well, eating well, large and fat; that they will bend to my will. Salt, I conjure you by the strength of glory, and by the virtue of glory, and in my every intention, always of glory.

This pronounced at facing the East, the angle of the rising sun; go the next quarter, following the source of that Star, and repeat the above. Do the same at the two other quarters. Having returned at the start [at the East], speak again the same words. During the entire ceremony, take care that the animals are always in front of you, because those that cross the place where you are working will become as crazed beasts.

Execute, then, three circumambulations around your horses, throwing salt on the animals while saying:

Salt, I throw you with the hand that God has given me; Hook, I call you, I await you.

In the remaining salt, bleed the animal on which you ride, saying:

Cavaline beast, I bleed you with the hand that God has given me; Hook, I call you, I await you.

Bleed the animal with a piece of hard wood, such as boxwood or pear. Take the blood from whichever part you wish. When taking the blood, take care that the animal has its backside behind you. If it is a small animal, like a sheep, hold its head in your legs. After having bled the animal with a knife, cut a small piece from the hoof on its right side. Divide this into two pieces and make them into a cross. Put this small cross in a piece of new linen, then cover it with salt. Then take some of the wool, if you are treating sheep (otherwise take horsehair) and make again a small cross, putting it in your linen with salt. Put this cross of wool or horsehair on a second bed of salt. Make another small cross, this time with virgin paschal wax or a blessed candle, then put the rest of your salt on top. Tie it all up in a ball, with string. Rub the animals with this ball upon leaving the stable or the sheep pen, saying the words already given for throwing the salt. Continue to rub one, two, three, seven, nine, or eleven days following. This depends on the vigor of the animals.

Note that you must never throw the salt until the last word of the formula. When you are working with horses, speak lively. If sheep are being treated, the longer you will take to speak the words, the better it will be.

All protective operations begin on the Tuesday or Friday of the first quarter of the Moon. In an urgent case, do not observe these stipulations. It is necessary to pay attention to the balls, that they do not attract humidity, because in that case the animals will perish. One ordinarily carries them in the pocket; but rather than ask you to go to this useless trouble, do the same as the expert practitioners and keep them in a dry place in your home and do not worry. We have said above to only cut from the hoof on the right side to make the ball. Some take from the four paws and consequently make of them two small crosses because they have four pieces. This is superfluous and does not accomplish anything. One may, if convenient, perform all the ceremonies of the four corners from one corner directed towards the rising sun; the spell will be destroyed just the same.


Realize that a bad shepherd, one that has been replaced, may well cause afflictions and may make the herd perish.

First, by the means of a ball that he cuts in pieces and scatters, either on a table or elsewhere, during a novena on the rosary, after which he hides the ball, then cuts the whole and disperses it, whether by means of a mole or a weasel, whether by a broken pot or cruet; or, finally, by the means of a frog, or the tail of a cod that they bury in an anthill, saying: Curse, Perdition. They leave it there for nine days, after which they dig it up and say the same words, grind it into powder, then sprinkle it over the ground where the herd must pass. They also use, again, three pebbles taken from different cemeteries, and by the means of certain words that we will not reveal, they produce a loosening of the bowels, causing mange and the death of any of the animals they wish. We give below the manner of destroying these enchantments and all spells.


Astarin, Astarot, who is Bahol, I consign to you my herd. For your wage, I will give you a white beast or a black one, that which pleases me. I conjure you, Satarin, that you guard them for me from everything in these fields, saying Hurlupapin.

Then proceed according to what we have said before concerning the Secret of destroying enchantments cast against animals, and cast your salt in pronouncing the following:

Gupin struck and the great fell; it is Cain who does that to you.

You will crumble them into pieces saying these words.


Beasts of wool, I take you under my protection, in the name of God and the Most Sacred Virgin Mary. I pray God that the blood that I am going to take will be profitable to my will. All-Powerful God, I conjure you that you may destroy all spells and enchantments that may be passing through the body of my living herd of woolly beasts here present before God and before me, beasts that are in my charge and my protection. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, of St. John the Baptist and of My Lord Abraham.

See above what we have said concerning the Secret to destroy spells cast on animals, and proceed as before saying, when you cast the salt:

Passe flori, Jesus is reborn.


It was on a Monday morning that the Savior of the World passed, the Holy Virgin after Him, My Lord St. John his shepherd, his friend, who looked after his holy flock that was afflicted by an extreme case of malignant mange, due to three shepherds who had worshipped my Savior Redeemer Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, and who had adored the voice of the Infant.

Say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys.

My flock will be healthy and fine, under my protection. I pray My Lady St. Genevieve that she is my support in this case of mange. Mange banished by God, abjured by Jesus Christ, I command you, in the name of the great Living God, that you depart from here and that you are dissolved and confounded before God and before me, as the dew melts in the sun. Most glorious Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit, mange, depart from here for God commands you, as does Joseph of Arimathea who brought the precious body of my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, on Holy Friday, from the tree of the Cross. On behalf of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, worthy flock of beasts of wool, come near to God and to me. Here is the divine offering of salt that I present you today, because, without salt, nothing has been done, and with salt, all has been done, as I believe, on behalf of the Father, etc.

O salt! On behalf of the great Living God, I conjure you, that you serve my intentions, that you keep me and protect my flock from every illness: scabs, mange, itch, heaves, wool balls, and bad water. I command you, as Jesus Christ my Savior commanded in the ship to his disciples when they said to him: Lord, awaken, for the sea frightens us. At that time, the Lord awoke and commanded the sea to be still. Then, the sea calmed. You are commanded in the name of the Father, etc.

Before using this protection, say over the salt: Panem coelestem accipait sit nomen Domine invocabis. Then refer to the Secret for destroying spells cast against animals and cast the salt, pronouncing the following: Eum ter ergo docentes omnes gentes baptisantes eos. In nomine Patris, etc.



When Our Lord rose to heaven, his sacred power on earth left behind Pasle, Colet, and Herve. All that God said was well said. Red, white, or black beasts, of whatever color you are, and of whatever illness, mange, or scabs, you suffer, it shall be buried nine feet below the earth, it will go and die, as St. John in his skin and born on his camel, as Joseph, Nicodemus of Arimathea, lowered the body of my sweet Savior Redeemer Jesus Christ from the tree of the cross, on Holy Friday.

Use the following words, for the aspersion with salt and the crumbs, and have recourse to that which we have said concerning the Secret of destroying spells cast against animals:

Salt, I cast you with the hand that God gave me. Volo et vono Baptista Sancta Agala tum est.


Stand facing the rising sun and say the following five times. If you wish only to say it once, then it must be done on five succeeding days.

Come, beast of wool, it is the Lamb of Humility, I protect you, Ave Maria. It is the Lamb of the Redeemer who fasted forty days without ceasing, without having taken sustenance from the enemy, though he was sorely tempted. Go right, gray beast, gribedyr.12 Go far from here to seek your prey. Wolf, she-wolf, wolf-cub, you are unable to come near this animal. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and of the blessing of St. Cerf. Thus, you retreat, O Satana.

This is to be said in the quarter facing the rising sun, as we have indicated, and then to be continued in the three other quarters; and, returning to the starting point, to be repeated once more. See the Secret for destroying spells cast against animals, then cast salt while pronouncing the following words:

Vanus vanes Christus vaincus, attack, St. Sylvain, in the name of Jesus.


Gribedyr: in the original French, bete agripeuse or “grabbing animal”; a figure from Celtic folklore.


Salt, which was formed in the foam of the sea, I conjure you that you do my prosperity and the profit of my master; I conjure you in the name of Crouay; Don, I conjure you in the name of Crouay;

Satan, I conjure you in the name of Crouay; Leot, I conjure you in the name of Crouay; Valiot, I conjure you in the name of Crouay; Rou and Rouvayet, come here, I take you for my servants.

Cast the salt, saying, Fisti Christi Belial.

Keep saying Rouvayet: I have found it to be good, because this protection is strong, and sometimes painful. Refer to what we have said earlier concerning the Secret of destroying spells.


All ravishing beasts, who wish to attack this living flock of beasts of wool, that are tied together by order of the hoc est enim Corpus meum. Beasts of wool, come to me, here is an offering of salt that I present you, and that I will give you, in the name of God and the Virgin, and my Lord St. John: beasts of wool, come to me, and come around me; here is an offering of salt blessed by God, that I give, deliver and cast upon you in the name of God, of the Virgin, and of my Lord St. John: beasts of wool, come to me, here is an offering of salt blessed by God, that I present you, and will deliver and cast upon you. Living flock of beasts of wool, that are present before God and before me, in the name of God and of the Virgin, and of my Lord St. John, that this salt will keep them healthy and clean, drinking well, eating well, large and fat, closed and shut around me, like the Lamb of my Lord St. John, and in his honor; I believe that this salt will keep them healthy and clean, drinking and eating well, large and fat, as the Lamb of My Lord St. John; I believe that this salt will keep them clear and groomed to please everyone, in the name of God and of the Virgin and of my Lord St. John; I believe that this salt will preserve them from wolves and wolverines, and from all ravishing beasts that walk by day and by night. Salt blessed by God, I conjure you that you do my will; because I believe in this, in the name of God, of the Virgin, and of My Lord St. John. O great God! I believe that this salt will keep them from distemper, mange, pox, and whatever evil that may come to this living flock of beasts of wool. Salt blessed by God, I believe that you will accomplish this in the name of God and of the Virgin, and of My Lord St. John. Amen.

It is necessary that a Mass of the Holy Spirit had been said over the salt; it must begin with the Confiteor and continue to the end. You may say it yourself. For the rest, you will proceed as we have spoken concerning the Secret of destroying spells cast upon animals, and for the casting of the salt, you will use the following words:

Vanus Jesus Christus et memores, attack St.

Sylvain in the name of Jesus.


Salt, that was created by God and blessed by his most-worthy hand, I conjure you, by the great living God, and by My Lord St. Requier, who is the adversary of all devils, I conjure you that you will break and corrupt all words that have been said, read, and performed before the body of this living flock of beasts of wool, that are here present before God and before me. Salt that was created by God and blessed by his worthy hand, I conjure, present and apply you to the body of this living flock, here present before God and before me: it is my intention and my desire, that you will keep them healthy and clean, large, fat and round; that they will be firmly united around me like the belt of the most sacred Virgin Mary; when she carried the body of my sweet Savior Redeemer Jesus Christ. Casta sacravera viva corpus Domini nostri Jesu Christi qui tima menta Deus; in nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

For the application, have recourse to what we have said before concerning the Secret, and use the following words during the casting of the salt: Passe Flori Jesus is resurrected.

That which we have given concerning protective spells should suffice to satisfy both the shepherd and the stableman, for the spell of one may be used by the other, changing only the name of the living flock of beasts of wool to that of beasts cavalier.13 In any case, it is good to remark that a charm that is strong and distasteful better suits the horses, and the one that is sweet and holy better suits the sheep. And in order that the ploughman obtains some special fruit from our discoveries, we are going to follow with a spell especially for him. It is an infinite resource for those who are near warrens or other places where there are rabbits. These animals will not be able to eat the grain, observing that which we will teach. On the contrary, as they come near the grains that one wishes to protect, they instead will destroy all the weeds.


Take some salt in a dish or a plate: the quantity is not fixed but depends on the area you wish to protect. In addition, have some rabbit


I.e., horses, donkeys, mules, etc.

dung and five pieces of tile collected along the way of a procession or from a cemetery; then, being at the place where you wish to make this experiment, begin facing the rising sun, head bare, and on your knees; then say what follows, and make the sign of the cross over the salt:

+ dant + dant + dant + sant + Heliot, and Valiot; Rouvayet, come here, you are my servant, to protect this place from these accursed rabbits who pass back and forth over this [name the crop] that is here before God and before me, without harm or injury; that they will be restrained in the name of Reveillot; for I command and conjure you, on behalf of the great living God, to obey, you and your companions, all that I shall demand; that is to protect for three months and three moons this crop [name] which is here before God and before me, as so I believe by the faith that I have in you. So I believe that you will do so; so I believe by the power of this salt blessed by God, and of the tiles and dung of the said evil beasts, rabbits; so I believe by all the forces and strengths that you may have over them; thus, I believe.

Make a hole in the ground, place there a piece of dung saying: Rou and Rouvayet, come here, you are my servants.

Place on the dung a pinch of salt, saying: salt, I place you with the hand that God has given me; Rou and Rouvayet, come here, you are my servants.

Then place a piece of the broken tile, saying: tile, I place you with the hand that God has given me.

Knock with your left heel on the tile, turning to the right, while saying: Rou and Rouvayet, come here, you are my servants.

Do the same in the three other corners of the area, then go to the center and do the same, and then return to the first corner and begin casting salt. To start, say: Salt, I cast you with the hand that God has given me, the Virgin’s anchor.

Continue casting salt around the area of the crops, saying only: After the first anchor of the Virgin. Returning to the place where you began, take the rest of your salt and cast it all at once, saying: Rou and Rouvayet, come here, you are my servants.

If the terrain is divided into different parcels or different crops, it is necessary to perform the same ceremony over each section; in the place of the three months and three moons, you may specify what period you wish.

We intend to give charms of a type different from the Translation of Francis of Agrippa and the Keys of Solomon. To these works, we attach secrets from our own experience.


Take two small lengths of straw; in the one, make a knot in the middle; place the other in a cross over this knot, then pronounce the following over it:

Anchor of God, Anchor of the Virgin, Anchor of the devil: Satan, go forth to all the devils.

Throw the cross over the snout of the animal, saying the same words, kneeling on the ground. By this means one may carry the animal on the shoulders, or otherwise, whatever way it may be, without risking being bitten.


Write on a piece of paper:

Valanda jacem rafit massif excorbis anter valganda zazar, brother give me your hand; Bourbelet, Barlet, Amer surround me, as Judas betrayed our Lord.

Carry the paper around your neck, and when in danger say the same words. It is by these means that Guidon, attacked by two knights in an inn at Fauville, was saved from more than five hundred saber cuts; he returned, after this assault, peacefully to his home.


Being in the place where one supposes there is treasure, say, striking the ground three times with your left heel and turning to the right:

Sadies satani agir fons toribus; come to me, Seradon, who will be called Sarietur.

Do this three more times. If there is a treasure in that place, you will know it, for you will hear something spoken in your ear.


Horse white or black, or whatever color you may be, it is I who commands you; I conjure you that you will no longer pull with your hooves, just as Beelzebub may not break his chains. Brute beast, you will return in arrogance and curses.

It is necessary, for this operation, to have a nail forged during Midnight Mass, which you will drive in at the harness.

Repeat the above words during nine succeeding days but without performing any Christian work during that time.


Hostia sacra vera corrum, in deposing the great demon of hell, all words, enchantments and characters that have been said, read, and performed on the body of my living horses, they are now broken and shattered before me.


Take the firstborn; failing that, the first to come. Raise it from the ground, its snout before you. Then say:

Ecce lignum crucem in quo salu mundi crucem.

Lower it to the ground, raise it again, and say as before. Do the same three times.


Star which guides the weapon today, whose arc I bewitch, I say to you, that you obey me: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of Satanatis.

Make the sign of the Cross.


Take the first sheep that has been attacked by the sickness. Turning to the east, open its jaws and speak into it the words that follow:

Brac +, Cabrac +, Carabra +, Cadebrac +, Cabracam +, I heal you.

Blow into the jaws of the sheep each time, and cast it among the others, they will all be healed. It is necessary to make the sign of the cross as marked above. These same words, written on paper, carried around the neck for nine days, reduce fevers.


Horse [name its color], belonging to N., if you have the vives, of whatever color you are, and gripe, or the thirty-six varieties of other sicknesses, God and blessed St. Eloy heal you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Then say five Our Fathers and five Hail Marys, etc., while kneeling.


Atay de satay suratay avalde, walk.

It is necessary to repeat three times, striking the shoe of the horse. If this is the near side, knock the left hoof. This works also for humans.


Take a piece of silver, hang it from the neck of one of the sheep, saying nine times:

Satan Satourne, parlant de Cricacoeur da voluptere Seigneur de Nazariau; I command you, and humbly conjure you, that you come to keep and pass my living flock of beasts the evening, the day, and the morning, saying hurlupupin.

We wish to say nothing more concerning these infelicitous words.


Open the mouth of the horse, blow three times into it, saying:

In tes dalame bouis, vins Divernas sathan.


Take first quality wheat, with oil, a pinch of salt, and blood from three animals; pound it all together and make a small cake; wrap it in paper, and cook it in hot coals, and sprinkle it over the animals, saying:

Lupin ferant a filli le grand, car il m’a fait cha.


With the middle finger of your left hand, take saliva from your mouth and touch the hemorrhoids, saying:

Pins, go away, God curses you; in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Say into the right ear of he who has fallen in sickness: Oremus praeceptis salutaribus moniti.

Add the Lord’s Prayer. Before these prayers are finished, the illness will be relieved.


Sanguis mane in te sicut fecit Christus in sanguis mane in tua vena sicut Christus in sua poenet sanguis mane fixus sicut quando fuit crucifixus.


Ecce Crucem Domini, fugite partes adversae, vicit leo de tribu Juda, radix David.


In te, Domine, speravi, non consundar in aeternum.


God came to the world to deliver us from our sins; he fasted thirty-three years and three days; he was sold to the Jews for thirty pieces of silver, Fever third, Fever fourth, Fever of whatever type you may be, you are not able to rest in my body; in the name of Jesus, who was nailed to the tree of the Cross, where he spilled his holy blood for

Appendix: The Tables of the Planetary

Hours According to Agrippa

our sins; Holy Mary, pray for me; St. Michael, protect me; Jesus, Maria, St. Joseph, help me; Mary St. Catherine, protect me.

Here must be placed the name of the fever victim, who must wear on his neck the above words, saying each day at dawn five Paters and Aves before an image of the Virgin.



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Saturday


. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter

Venus Saturn


. Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

Mercury Jupiter

. Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun


Moon Mars


. Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus

Saturn Sun


. Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury

Jupiter Venus


. Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon

Mars Mercury


. Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Sun Moon


. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter

Venus Saturn


. Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

Mercury Jupiter


. Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun

Moon Mars


. Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus

Saturn Sun


. Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury

Jupiter Venus



Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Saturday


. Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon

Mars Mercury


. Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Sun Moon

. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter


Venus Saturn


. Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

Mercury Jupiter


. Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun

Moon Mars


. Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus

Saturn Sun


. Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury

Jupiter Venus


. Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon

Mars Mercury


. Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Sun Moon


. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter

Venus Saturn


. Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars

Mercury Jupiter


. Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun

Moon Mars

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  1. An indication that this is to be done by a priest.
  2. This table is to be found in the Appendix.
  3. There is no indication as to what these two seals refer.
  4. Pulsatilla vulgaris, otherwise known as the pasque flower, a member of the buttercup family and purple in color. It is poisonous if eaten.
  5. Obviously, this makes no sense. I assume the meaning is that one swallows the nutmeg on the fourth day while pronouncing the incantation.