Papal Magic: Occult Practices Within the Catholic Church


Section I: Catholicism and the Occult                         1

Sacerdotal Magic                                                          17

The Black Mass                                                             22

Priestly Authority Over Demons

and Angels                                                                   40

The Mason Who Would Be Pope                                47

The OTO and Christianity                                            54

Italian Freemasons and the Vatican

Banking Scandal                                                           61

The Most Diabolic of Grimoires                                  70


Section II: Grimoire of Pope Honorius III                  97

Foreword                                                                      99

The Evocation of the Spirits of

the Seven Days                                                     111

Collection of the Rarest Secrets of

the Magical Art                                                    126

Magic Secrets and Counter-Charms                         154

Appendix: The Tables of the Planetary

Hours According to Agrippa                                      183

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