Sinister Forces

A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft
Book Two
A Warm Gun

Peter Levenda

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foreword by
Dick Russell
Author of THE MAN WHO



Sinister Forces

A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft

Book Two: A Warm Gun

Peter Levenda

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Sinister Forces — A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft: A Warm Gun

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Levenda, Peter

Sinister Forces—A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft: A Warm Gun / Peter Levenda ; with forword by Dick Russell — 1st ed. p. cm.

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1. Political Corruption—United States. 2. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)— MK-ULTRA—Operation BLUEBIRD. 3. Behavior Modicfication —United States. 4. Occultism—United States—History. 5. Crime—Serial Killers—Charles Manson— Son of Sam. 6. Secret Societies—United States. 1. Title


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Section Four: All The President’s Men 9. The Rebellion is as the Sin of Witchcraft 10. Wallowing in Watergate

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14. Happiness is a Warm Gun

15. A Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy

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For Vivica

One cannot coerce the Spiritual: if one attempts to enter into the Light without preparation, one always faces the trials and dangers of Darkness. At the very least, an enforced entry into initiation will drive the illegal entrant insane.

— David Ovason, The Zelator

Introduction Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

—Mephistopheles in Dr. Faustus, Part , I, iii, 76-80 by Christopher Marlowe

Welcome to Book Two of Sinister Forces: A Warm Gun. In Book One: The Nine, you were introduced to a thread of violence and bizarre belief – represented by violent and bizarre people running, like Sherlock Holmes’ “scarlet thread of murder,” through American history up to and including the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers. Strange priests, satanic rituals, political conspiracy, and the occult. Not the sort of thing one normally encounters during the course of graduate work in political science … or during a walk down a dark alley in an American city at night. That all of these things happened is a fact; that these people committed these actions is a fact. That some very strange belief systems are at the heart of American policy, foreign and domestic, is also a fact.

That many Americans are not aware of this, or simply don’t care, is another fact.

In this, the second book of a trilogy concerning American “political witchcraft,” we will examine some of the more modern manifestations of this unsettling concourse of sinister forces. We will look at terrorism, true, but we will also discover the coincidence stream in full flow in the lives of men as disparate in social standing as Richard Nixon and Mark David Chapman, Jim Jones and Richard Mellon Scaife, David Berkowitz and Donald Cammell. It is a study of Washington … and Hollywood. Of serial murder and mysticism. Of the straining of the American intelligence community towards a manipulation of the unconscious mind and of their transgression into the realm of the occult and initiation. We will look at the stories we all think we already know, and see – maybe for the first time – what the Renaissance magician Giordano Bruno meant when he wrote of “the links”: the doctrine of correspondences that is not only the province of

ceremonial magic but of ceremonial politics. That is why this trilogy is called a “grimoire.”

There are times when it appears that world history is nothing less than the story of warring secret societies, with all of the rest of humanity mere pawns in what historian Ladislas Farago called “the Game of the Foxes.”

The Rosicrucians of the 17th Century gave us a prototype of the secret society: a band of brothers, bound together by mystical visions, which had probably never existed in reality but was the romantic invention of a English alchemist. It was an otherwise anonymous manifesto – a printed broadside – that created the myth of the Rosicrucians and since then many individuals have sought to capitalize on the name and the glamour by proclaiming themselves heirs to the Rosicrucian tradition.

What is Al-Qaeda, then, but another secret society: a band of brothers, bound together by a mystical vision of the world, whose membership is largely secret, where betrayal of the group’s mysteries is punished by death, and which is probably a very small organization with a larger-than-life profile whose reputation is made on websites and videotapes … and mass murder. The same was said of the Illuminati and the Freemasons, upon whom the blame for centuries of violent revolution was laid. That Al-Qaeda – “the Base” – has more in common with the Assassins cult of Hassan i-Sabah only reinforces this idea of a secret society at war with the world … and with the West in general.

Should it surprise us, then, that the putative opponents of Al-Qaeda should be members of a Western secret society?

The secret society and occult affiliations of America’s political and intelligence leadership is something that is never discussed on the open airwaves, never investigated by the mainstream media. We have all heard of Skull & Bones, and know that somehow President George W. Bush was a member of this college fraternity while a student at Yale University. The story seems to end there. No one delves too deeply into this aspect of Bush’s life, even when it is revealed that his father belonged to the same society, and that Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry also belonged to Skull & Bones. The very idea that, in 2004, the presidential

election was a choice between two Bonesmen never seemed to make the headlines in America even when it was shown that Skull & Bones membership is quite small (only fifteen new members are initiated every year), very select, and depends upon a strenuous enforcement of the rules of secrecy and deception. That the two presidential candidates were both members of this same small and elite group should have raised warning flags, and didn’t. Yet, at a time when America was embroiled in the Iraq war and in an ostensible “war on terror” – directed against Al-Qaeda – our only choices for president were two members of the same secret society.

If that was all, it would be enough. But that’s not all.

In 1833, the year after Skull & Bones was founded, another secret society was formed, this time at Union College in New York. This one was called Psi Upsilon, and was formed by seven students who signed a pact stating, “We, the undersigned, having determined to form a secret society, and having some conversation on the subject, do now and hereby pledge our sacred honors that we will keep all that has been done and said a most profound secret.”

Psi Upsilon spread to many universities across America and even abroad. Its second, or Beta, chapter was founded at Yale University in 1840 and became known as The Fence Club in 1934.

In 1960, both Porter Goss, the George W. Bush-appointed Director of the CIA – and John Negroponte, the Bush-appointed Intelligence Chief– were members of The Fence Club at Yale. As was John Kerry, who was also, remember, a Bonesman.

Porter Goss was also a member of the super-secret Order of Book & Snake, a seemingly associated society of Skull & Bones. The same year Goss joined Book & Snake he also joined yet another secret society: the CIA.

And let us not forget still another member of the Bush dynasty, William Henry Trotter (Bucky) Bush, brother of former CIA Director and President, George Herbert Walker Bush. William Bush was also a member of The Fence Club in 1960, along with Porter Goss and John Negroponte.

So, what do we have?

We have George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, William Henry Bush, John F. Kerry, Porter Goss, and John Negroponte all members of secret societies at Yale University. And let’s not forget Prescott Bush, who was one of the directors of the Union Banking Corporation that was shut down by the US government in 1942 when it was discovered that Bush and his partner, E Roland Harriman, were “trading with the enemy”: i.e., the Nazis. Prescott Bush was another member of Skull & Bones.

That’s two presidents, one presidential contender, two CIA directors, and an intelligence czar who are all fellow-travelers in the world of rituals and sworn oaths, secrecy and deception, trained since their late adolescence and early adulthood in the environment of privilege and control. Dear reader, should I burden you with revelations that Averell Harriman as well as Roland Harriman – partners with the Bush family in “trading with the enemy” before and during World War II – were also Bonesmen? That the Psi Upsilon secret society abandoned its pretence of being a literary society early on and admitted its preference for members with a proven ancestry? That there is little to associate these Orders with the popular conception of college fraternities represented by such films as Animal House?

As members of Skull & Bones, Psi Upsilon and Book & Snake consolidate their control over America’s wealth, intelligence agencies, and military power, they are also engaged in a war with Islamic secret societies that costs us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Conservative Americans were worried in 1960 that should a Catholic become President, then America would somehow be controlled by the Pope. Instead, we have an America that is in thrall to a handful of initiates in a few small secret societies that share a hidden agenda, a covert brotherhood, and a contempt for individual liberty … and no one is bothered by this at all except the crazies, the loonies, the militiamen, the conspiracy theorists, the paranoid schizophrenics.

As the eminent New York Times critic Anatole Broyard once said, “paranoids are the only ones who notice anything anymore.”

There are around 700 members of Skull & Bones alive today. That represents less than .00001 percent of America’s total population, or 1 per every 300,000 persons. Yet, somehow, they occupy top positions of our government. The attitude of our media, however, is to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

The previous volume of Sinister Forces ended with a review of the strange world of secret societies, wandering bishops, psychological warfare, and mind-control programs that culminated in the assassinations of President Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert F. Kennedy. This volume picks up where the first left off: a discussion of these same influences around the Republican Party of Nixon and Reagan, Watergate, the assassination of John Lennon, the Son of Sam cult, the Manson Family, Jonestown. terrorism, and the “vast, right-wing conspiracy.” This is a look behind the curtain, an exposé of The Nine as they perpetuated the ultimate secret society at work beneath the surface of America’s long political nightmare through children especially selected as carriers of their message. It is The Wizard of Oz meets MK-ULTRA.

I’d like to end this by saying “We’re not in Kansas, anymore.” Unfortunately, might I say, paraphrasing Mephistopheles, “Why, this is Kansas. Nor am I out of it.”

Peter Levenda New York City

Section Four:

All the President’s Men

…Buzhardt told Haig that he could find “no innocent explanation,” and concluded that the buzz had come from “some outside source of energy” rather than a malfunctioning of the tape recorder. Haig says he and other Presidential assistants suspected that night that the buzz had been caused by “some sinister force.”

—J. Anthony Lukas, Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years1

Mike, the One-Armed Man: “Don’t turn on the overheads. The fluorescents don’t work. I think a transformer’s bad.”

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: “We know that.”

Mike: “Yes.”

—Pilot Episode, Twin Peaks

Therefore with us there must be some accidental and particular cause preventing the human spirit from following its inclination and driving it beyond those limits within which it should naturally remain. I am profoundly convinced that this accidental and particular cause is the close union of politics and religion.

—Alexis de Toqueville, Democracy in America2

We have had our last chance. If we will not devise some greater and more equitable system, our Armageddon will be at our door. The problem basically is theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence, an improvement of human character that will synchronize with our almost matchless advances in science, art, literature and all material and cultural developments of the past two thousand years. It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.

—General Douglas MacArthur, Sept. 2, 1945

1 J. Anthony Lukas, Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years, Viking Press, NY, 29 1976, ISBN 0-670-51415-2, p. 460

2 Alexis deToqueville, Democracy in America, HarperPerennial, NY, 1988, ISBN 0-06-091522-6, p. 300



For Rebellion Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft.

—1 Samuel 15:23

[King] Unas devoureth men and liveth upon the gods, he is the lord of envoys, whom he sendeth forth on his missions.… Khonsu the slayer of the wicked cutteth their throats and draweth out their intestines, for it is he whom Unas sendeth to slaughter; and Shesmu cutteth them in pieces and boileth their members in his blazing caldrons of the night. Unas eateth their magical powers, and he swalloweth their Spirit-souls.… The old gods and the old goddesses become fuel for his furnace.

—Pyramid Text1

If the power of God comes into a person, don’t we become like God?

—Sirhan Sirhan2

By the conclusion of the first volume of Sinister Forces, The Nine, much had been made of political conspiracies, particularly those surrounding assassinations. There was also a focus on the Manson Family, as we walked with them through desert and canyon. But not so far as the Tate and La Bianca households. Not yet.

Furthermore, those events took place in a larger context. The pursuit of evil and the tracking of evil through the political and scientific

machinations of intelligence agencies is ultimately unsatisfactory if we do not address an unspoken and normally unconscious assumption of our political leaders and particularly of our intelligence chiefs, and that is that their mission is in some way a divine one: that they represent the will of God.

The human assumption of divinity has been construed as evil—as a usurpation of the status of divine beings—for thousands of years. No organized religion of any size or amount of temporal power encourages or permits its followers direct access to divinity; the privilege of communicating directly to God has been reserved for the organized and socially approved priesthood. This is as true of ancient India as it is of modern Catholicism. Access to God is very tightly controlled, and is usually forbidden to certain elements of society, particularly women. Women may not become priests in the Roman Catholic Church, and are thus separated from the sacrament of ordination, a situation that calls into question the very nature of the soul. For it presupposes that the soul has a gender, since sacraments do not affect the body but only the soul. This is perhaps understandable in view of the etymology of the word “sacrament,” which comes from the Latin and which originally meant a military oath, an oath of (male) soldiers. Women may not be ordained in the Eastern Orthodox churches, either.